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The managing director of a prestigious company concerned with adding value to agricultural raw materials reached out to QSS Global at the initial stage of their expansion program in India. They were at cross roads when they asked us for assistance. There was a lot of ambiguity in the initial thought process regarding the setup and business path. There were a lot of questions regarding the potential outcome from this expansion in the minds of the management. QSS stepped in when they were not heading anywhere with the project and had little confidence about its success.

How QSS helped

  • Aligned business strategy with Indian market – QSS Global helped them to adapt their business strategy according to Indian context helping them get vision-aligned human resources.
  • Improved company’s supply chain strategy – We assisted them with setting up their agri, production and procurement channels with local dealers and suppliers.
  • Provided production solutions – We suggested solutions to the company resulting in better management of the plant and increased capacity utilisation of the plant.
  • HR Solutions – QSS provided HR related solutions including staffing.

Business Impact

After months of consulting services and hand holding in every aspect, the company was able to utilise their plant optimally and had a well established supply chain and human resources. This project helped the company to have a clear vision about their expansion in India and today they are looking for further expansion opportunities within India.

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