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The company working in manufacturing of agriculture and construction machinery reached out to us for assistance for staffing related services in the initial stages of establishing a new plant. They were looking for a specific talent pool capable of handling plant responsibilities. The requirements were for particular specialty roles in the manufacturing domain making them difficult to source. The top management roles were more diverse with the need for utmost skill knowledge with the capability to handle the plant in every aspect.

How QSS helped

  • HR solutions in leadership management – We handled strategic HR issues of leadership management under our business advisory arm. We assisted in developing employee and salary structure for the plant top management along with the HR policies.
  • Staffing services – We provided the company with talent acquisition services in non-traditional areas meeting the company’s need to the cut for their newly established plant in western India.

Business Impact

After the services provided by QSS the plant is working highly effectively and the workforce has a resonating vision with the company. After this project experience the company is looking forward to future acquisitions of a competitor to meet the growing demand. The organisation is constantly growing at the rate of 16-18% under their expansion business model.

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