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In view of a merger strategy of two subsidiaries of an esteemed group working in manufacturing of construction equipment contacted QSS Global for our HR M&A services. The challenges faced in this project was the variance in the scale of the two entities in terms of manufacturing capacity, extent of automation involved in processing, work culture, salary structure and employee structure. As both the entities were under the same group the financial and structural merging was simpler compared to people merging.

How QSS helped

  • Chain management – We assisted the organisation in resonating the machinery and capacity of the two plants to be able to work cohesively at optimal level after the merger.
  • HR structure – QSS redesigned the employee structure to incorporate features and ethos of both the entities and formed a common salary structure.
  • Cultural variance – Because of the capacity and technology variance in both the plants there was a cultural variance in terms of rewards and recognition, leave policy, payroll management. QSS developed new policies taking into consideration the new work balance within the organisation.

Business Impact

After careful analysis and structuring, the company was able to realise the successful merger strengthening their product development capabilities. The merger was achieved by incorporating all the positives from both the administrations. The merger experience of the organisation was extremely fluid with our HR services. This has impacted the exponential growth of company capacity and business capabilities.

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