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Our Work

Business Partners

As business partners, we provide international SMEs (from France, Japan, South East Asia, etc) and Law Firms with customized HR solutions for their Indian business operations.

We provide end-to-end support while they set up their India operations with HR consulting and staffing.

QSS Global stands

QSS Global stands unique for offering India entry assistance as well as supporting its partners for continued requirements on HR solutions and staffing to scale their operations within the Indian market.


SMEs often show reluctance in dealing with Big 4s as they have complicated engagement models for companies stepping into our domestic market and lack a personal touch.

Whereas, our bespoke solution and business development through strong referrals enable our partners to be successful and have a long-lasting relation with us.

QSS’s Market USPs


We remain consistent with our clients thus retaining them in the long run.

Display Honesty

We display honesty across the board and are transparent in all our dealings.

100%  to our customer’s feedback

We give 100% weightage to our customer’s feedback and use them to improve our business.

Top-tier customer services

We offer top-tier customer services and address any issues as soon as possible.