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Automotive Sector

QSS follows a research driven approach leveraging industry knowledge of our experienced team to recruit quality talent for clients. This is why clients trust our credibility.

The Indian Automobile Industry is rapidly changing into a competitive and sophisticated environment. Customer’s requirements are met with more efficiency and adaptability. To address domestic and worldwide demand, almost all of the leading global players in the automobile and auto-components industries establish production operations in India. Because of the industry’s intense competition, senior executives who can successfully shepherd companies through difficult times are in high demand. This tendency has positioned India as the automotive industry’s rich source of talent.

As more global brands enter this market, they would require top talent to defeat their competition. To make space for themselves in the Indian market, these brands would hire top talent from other companies.

Here at QSS Global:

  • Our strategy – To acquire candidates from multiple sources along with a research-driven approach allows us to recruit highly skilled and talented candidates based on our client’s requirements.
  • Industry Knowledge – We understand the requirements of the automotive sector and are abreast with the latest trends.
  • Experienced Team – Our team of experienced consultants ensures that we work with excellent efficiency.
  • Services – We help our clients recruit top talent for Sales & Marketing roles which includes staffing candidates in national sales forces and marketing functions with entry-level to senior-level sales and marketing job profiles. QSS Global also helps in staffing for other Corporate roles.
  • Clientele – Our Talent Acquisition services have been used by many MNCs and some of the most recognized brands including several fortune 500 companies.