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Life at QSS

QSS Global has been focused on penetrating Japanese clientele due to the recognised need for initial entry-level advisory services before committing to the market.

Our Values

We at QSS Global are driven by our values which are integral to the way we work and go about our work. Our values are weaved into the fabric of our day-to-day employee related activities. We are driven by the values- Consistency, Honesty, Innovation, Quality, Adaptability and Integrity. These values are our fundamental beliefs and they help us in providing maximum value to our clients.

Consistency, honesty and transparency in all our work processes help us gain the trust of our clients. QSS Global stands for Quality, in the way we conduct our business, and in the way we deliver results. In this dynamic market, we Adapt and Innovate according to the needs of our clients to ensure their contentment which eventually leads to longevity of our relationship.

Work Culture

We here at QSS Global have a work culture which is flexible, progressive, honest and transparent, based on employees’ feedback. Our top management directly influences corporate culture through leadership, communication and delegation. The top management is always readily approachable and open to take suggestions and feedback, this builds an extra layer of trust and a sense of ownership in our employees.

We provide our employees with rooftop meetings, amicable co-workers, and a team-oriented workplace where everyone is motivated by our goals. Our employee incentive program stimulates productivity and performance by encouraging the employees.

Employee Prospective

Our organisation focuses on personal as well as professional growth of employees, by providing training and mentoring whenever necessary. Employees are always encouraged to work as a team, have each other’s back, bringing out the best outcomes in every project. Open communication makes the top management easily approachable and this actively cultivates an environment that’s conducive to company-wide and employee-level success.

Diversity and Inclusion

QSS Global has always embraced and upheld diversity be it in our workforce that we employ or our clientele. We pride our diverse set of employees, and welcome people of all genders, ethnicity and geographies to our organisation. Our employees come from various academic, professional and geographical backgrounds. We celebrate this diversity and make inclusion of all a top priority. Our team works together despite their differences to deliver results for our clients.

Rewards and Recognition

Happiness and motivation in individuals are known to boost their productivity and general well-being. Incentives go a long way in motivating an employee and helping them take ownership of their work. To keep our employees happy and motivated, we at QSS Global have regular celebrations of successes of employees, where the employees are recognised for their effort and incentivised based on their performance regularly. Our employee incentive program is a structured and fair process for providing incentives to hardworking employees. This motivates them and help in building employees’ trust in the organisation.

Apart from this every Saturday does bring a mini party of sorts to bring the week to a happy close so that everybody goes home to a happy weekend.