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Our team of experts have in-depth knowledge of this highly fragmented industry and its changing trends due to emergence of new technologies and refined processes.

One of the significant contributors to India’s economic growth is the Logistics sector. It is essential to advancing almost all other industries, including infrastructure projects. By adopting GST and increasing investments in dedicated road and rail routes, the Indian government has created a favorable climate for the logistics sector. The market is fragmented due to the high number of companies; however, consolidation is quickly becoming the next trend defining development activity in the Logistics sector.

The logistics infrastructure has recently received much-needed attention from both business and policymakers. The logistics market has evolved significantly in recent years.

  • In India’s logistics sector, inbound and outbound production and service supply chains are combined.
  • The planning, implementation, and control of goods transportation have grown faster and more efficiently thanks to new technologies and refined processes.
  • Various supply chain processes benefit from current processes and activities.

With the growing Logistics industry, the requirement for supply-chain talent has also increased.

At QSS Global, we have a team of experts who understand the Logistics Industry and its changing trends.

We identify our client's needs with excellent efficiency and help them recruit the ideal talent who fits well in their organisation.