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Mentorship To Military Veterans

This initiative by QSS Global focuses on enabling senior Middle level officers of Indian Army who leave their military careers looking for second innings in their professional career. We aim to empower these leaders with on-the-job training under the mentorship of industry leaders/ CEOs.

Broad Detail of Initiative

A significant number of Senior Mid level Indian Army officers leave Army service after completing 20 years (Age bracket 42-47 years)  to explore other opportunities in the second half of their careers.

To let this talent go unused and underutilised would be a massive loss of opportunity; it is like letting go of a treasure right beneath our feet. QSS Global believes in giving back to this community who have been serving the country fearlessly for a significant part of their lives. We believe in providing opportunity to these highly trained and esteemed officers of the Indian military. For this very reason, QSS Global has taken the initiative to provide training and mentorship to these military veterans with the  best people in the business.We aim to empower these Indian Army Officers through the program. 

The mentorship program entails 6 months to an year of on-the-job training of Indian Army officers with Industry leaders/ CEOs while assisting  them as their Chief of staff. Our initial survey and discussion with Industry leaders and Indian Army Officers have been extremely encouraging. This Initiative appears to be a win-win prospect for both Military veterans  and the Industry Leaders.

While discussing proposals with Industry Leaders and Indian Army Officers. The first question asked by them is , “What’s in for me in this?” We have tried to pen down some of the excerpts which we have listed with both parties and which have been well received.

Gain for Industry Leaders:

  • Get senior military human resources at economical cost to assist you in your functioning or senior management for a period of 6 months to an year as Chief of Staff – Most of the military officers in this category would be highly qualified and trained in number of courses in operational art and management and have held senior mid level leadership positions in the army involving complex problem solving.
  • Gain a different perspective in the Indian Army way of working with ethos of methodical, meticulous, an eye for detail in all work they do.
  • Add diversity  to existing  human resources. 
  • Option of absorbing, if you consider mentee to be an asset to your organisation at the end of mentorship program.
  • Pride yourself in helping the National Cause by empowering the military personnel.

Gain for Military Officers

  • Get exposed to the corporate way of life under mentorship of best Industry leaders/ CEOs  and get a bird’s eye view of industry enabling acclimatisation to the new world.
  • Probability of getting absorbed by the organisation.
  • Learning value would far outweigh short academic programs run at MBAs.

What's in this For Us

This is purely a pro- bono initiative by leadership of QSSGlobal to give back to the Indian Army which has been their home for over two decades and to utilise their connection with Industry leaders to actualise the concept.

To actualise the above initiative, QSS Global reached out to the Leadership of its clients to work feasibility for the above arrangement. The initiative has been well received from both factions (Industry Leadership and military officers) and is in its nascent stage of its implementation and we will soon be adding the case studies shortly on the success of this initiative.