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QSS Initiatives

Being a socially aware organizations QSS has taken various initiatives aiming a cohesive societal development. We have adapted these changes ourselves as well as acted as a path to connect others with these changes.


QSS Global strongly advocates the inclusion of diversity in the organisations. From a societal point of view, it impacts a large demographic of people who despite being fit and willing for work are denied productive employment which consequently affects their financial independence. We at QSS Global embrace all people who are willing to put in an effort and excel.

  • Age Diversity
  • Women Returning After Career Gap

Mentorship To Military Veterans

This initiative by QSS Global focuses on enabling senior Middle level officers of Indian Army who leave their military careers looking for second innings in their professional career. We aim to empower these leaders with on-the-job training under the mentorship of industry leaders/ CEOs. This 6-12 months period will help Indian Army officers in grasping the necessary skills and understanding the industry practicalities.

  • Gain for Industry Leaders
  • Gain for Military Officers

Skill Based Hiring

The corporate world keeps buzzing with many discussions around hiring and retaining talent, with a significant focus on educational pedigree or skill. What is more critical to an organisation when hiring for executive jobs – an individual’s academic pedigree or talent?

While educational pedigree does bring credibility to an individual’s candidature, and such candidates are seen to be high in potential, eventually, the skill-set and talent they bring to the company matters.