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Staffing Services

QSS Global provides lateral staffing, Executive search, Recruitment process outsourcing, contract staffing, legal staffing, and Audit and labour law services under its staffing services umbrella.
The Indian staffing industry rose by 3.6 percent in fiscal year 2020-21, thanks to a rebound in the previous fiscal year's fourth quarter. Post-pandemic flexi-employment market trends have benefited women, young people, and high-skilled workers. Flexi work grew by 31% in India in 2021 compared to other types of work. The percentage of flex workers has increased from 8% in 2020 to 14% in 2021.

Lateral Staffing

Lateral Recruitment is when you hire an “expert” for a position. It is sometimes a specialised hire. When considering lateral hiring, the HR manager must extensively analyse the potential recruit’s job skills. Much investigation is required when hiring laterally.

QSS offers –

  • Lateral staffing services which involve detailed and foolproof screening of candidates.
  • Multi layered screening coupled with Sector Specialist Consultants ensure the most compatible candidate with right cultural fitment.
  • This multi layered screening results in providing the best of the candidates to our clients.

QSS offers staffing Services across all Sectors of Industry.

Executive Search

Executive Search is when a recruitment is done specially for a highly skilled senior management talent. It includes filling strategically important roles such as CEO, CFO,COO, HRD AND CIO.

  • Our success in Executive Search comes from our ability to identify and attract high-level candidates.
  • Our international influence, local insight, and granular understanding of our clients and their industry dynamics drives our efficiency leading to the most suitable candidate for the client.
  • We have hired 50+ CXOs/CEOs for various clients under our brand.


Recruitment process outsourcing is when an organisation hires a third party to look after its permanent recruitment needs. An RPO provider works as an extension of a company’s HR or resourcing department, sitting on the client’s premises and delivering a comprehensive hiring solution.

  • Our Approach – QSS RPO brings in a customised solution for this by offering a dedicated team of in-premise consultants to meet your staffing needs.
  • Our Team – The customised teams are qualified to take on the entire gamut of recruitment process in laid down timelines.
  • Our Credibility – QSS Global has over the years gained the trust of many brands and it is this faith that has enabled them to transfer all their hiring process to us.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing includes recruiting employees for short-term employment contracts including part-time work, independent contracts, seasonal work etc.
QSS Flexi, the contract staffing division of QSS Global offers organisations

  • The flexibility of keeping headcount dynamics based on workbook and at the same time focus on core competencies.
  • QSS Flexi has consultants who address the entire spectrum from staffing to payroll management.

Legal Staffing

Legal staffing vertical of QSS Global provides staffing services to legal firms. The hiring is done for skilled legal secretaries, paralegals, attorneys, file and office clerks.
QSS Global has a dedicated division- QSS Legal

  • Having specifically structured with consultants who are experts in the Legal field with domain knowledge and network of each practice area.
  • QSS Legal offers in-house legal staffing and Legal Process Outsourcing to its clients.

Audit & Labour Law

Starting up an organisation and initiating the aim of taking it to the next level require the business owner to conform to numerous laws. Attending social audits and compliance issues can take a significant amount of your time and resources.

Our team of experienced Audit and Compliance professionals can reduce this burden by providing quality business compliance service.