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French Clients

QSS Global caters to the needs of its French Clients by providing them with HR & Allied Consulting services and helps them tackle their challenges when they enter the Indian market.

QSS Global is providing HR & Allied consulting services to French clients when they venture into the Indian market. We cater to all their needs in terms of human resources, business development, and functioning. We work with an innovative approach to complex problems and build sustainable and long-lasting relationships with our clients through our distinguished quality and unmatched determination.

  • We provide ideation-level advisory services starting right from the idea generation of entering the Indian market.  
  • QSS Global has a stronghold in the French market with 20% of our revenue being generated from our business with French clients. 
  • To strengthen our association with our existing clients and connect with potential clients we have joined the Indo-French chamber of commerce & Industry (IFCCI). 
  • We have worked with brands like Legrand, Pernod Ricard, Total, Savencia Fromage & Dairy, and many more.