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QSS Global has been focused on penetrating Japanese clientele due to the recognised need for initial entry-level advisory services before committing to the market.

Identifying Competitive Edge

We at QSS carefully categorize our clients needs, wants, what they care about and the challenges they face thus helping our target customers to meet those wants and needs in a unique and better way than the rest of the companies in the market.


Our quality work and personal touch has always earned us a good reputation over the years.We exceed our clients expectations to build an exceptional reputation which help us to gain word of mouth referrals both online and offline.


No one likes to extend a business with a company that they can trust. We make genuine and truthful connections with our clients and add value to their business proactively. Our clients acknowledge that trust and value built over time.

Customer Service

We go extra miles to provide timely,attentive and upbeat services to our clients.With our good communication and problem solving skills we make sure that their needs are met and that reflects on our business. Happy with our services our clients help increase our busines’s accomplishments.