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FMCG/FMCD is an extremely dynamic industry requiring repeated analysis to understand the HR trends. With this clarity in mind QSS is aware of the pain points of the market which comes in handy while assisting clients.

FMCG products touch every aspect of our life. All regularly consume these products, and a considerable portion of their income is spent on these goods. Apart from this, the sector is one of the significant contributors of the Indian economy. This sector has shown extraordinary growth over the past few years; it has also registered growth during the recession. The rising digital connectivity in the country is driving the development of this sector.

The FMCG sector in India has become a space for intense competition. The market is highly fragmented, with roughly 50 percent share of unbranded and homemade products. The industry benefits from well-established distribution networks, low operating costs, straightforward availability of raw materials, and presence across the whole value chain.

This has made the sector a hunting zone for talent.

  • Identifying – Understanding the dynamic nature of the industry we start by analyzing the compensation and attrition trends and the factors influencing them.
  • Develop – We understand the point of differentiation in the roles and requirements of our clients.
  • Implementation – Then during the client screening process we touch upon professional as well as personal aspects to understand their skill level and objective for their interest. We also clarify the job expectations beforehand to avoid any ambiguity. Resulting in a low risk of switching jobs.
  • Services – QSS Global assists its clients in recruiting for the Sales & Marketing roles and other corporate roles.
  • Clientele – Our clients include well-established MNCs with globally benchmarked talent management practices and domestic players interested in developing globally competitive capability.