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India Entry Services

India Entry Services by QSS acts as an important tool to gain clarity on setting goals for your business, and what you aim to achieve while entering the Indian market. It helps you examine which exact opportunity will work for you and to what extent.

The growth of India Entry Service providers has increased in the industry because of the immense market potential of India and government encouragement. Companies are releasing this untapped market’s scope. India had 320 foreign companies entering its market between 2018-2021. The industry that saw the highest foreign company inflow was in Business services (58%) followed by Manufacturing (12%).

There are many legal and cultural barriers which a foreign company may face while entering the country. QSS Global assists foreign companies to support and explore business opportunities in India while delivering end-to-end business support for long-term business survival.

Our assistance covers

  • Registration of the Indian entity– All regulatory approvals including registration of name of the new entity.
  • Merger and Acquisition activities – All HR related management including payroll management, HR policies, rewards and recognition policies when a merger or acquisition takes place.
  • Demographic Assessment & Trend analysis – Market analysis including industry trends in India, growth prospects and creating business strategy considering these factors.
  • Customers & Competition analysis – External Environment analysis including identifying target audience, realising customer needs and gaps along with benchmarking with relevant competitors.
  • Regulatory Scenario – Assistance related to legal documentation, government policies and guidance for changing regulations influencing functioning of the company.

Our approach

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals understand the business requirements of your business and help you set-up an office in India.

We simplify the process and navigate the intricacies of all legal rules and regulations for you which would save your time and effort.

Factory Setup and Project Management

International companies face various hurdles while setting up factories in India. This is where QSS Global enters to close this void and help out these companies. We assist in setting up your factory and managing your project. We guide factory set-up on turn-key assignment mode through:

  • Location Study And Allotment – We help you out in choosing the best suited location for your factory by scanning and identifying various locations across the country to provide maximum value to you.
  • Registrations and Approvals – We assist you in obtaining all the necessary licences and regulatory approvals required for the registration of your business in India.
  • Partner Search – We identify the perfect partner for you, who can add value to your understanding of the Indian market, management of suppliers, manpower and distribution network.

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QSS Global

Quality Staffing Solutions actively working in providing India entry services, HR and allied consulting services, and staffing services for global clients. We aim to provide unique and progressive HR solutions to our clients with unmatched credibility and quality. The organisation transitioned itself into becoming a renowned entity in the business consultancy & services industry, offering seamless services to numerous business organisations.



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