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NITI Aayog

After working remotely as a growing start-up, we at QSS Global were very delighted when in 2020 we got an email stating “Congratulations! It is our pleasure to inform you of your selection for the NITI Aayog – UN Investor Consortium, a joint initiative of the Women Entrepreneurial Platform of NITI Aayog (WEP) and UN India” as a result of our farsightedness and progressive ideologies toward constructing the future our business. After applying to be a part of this program we projected our core competencies and capabilities clearly while presenting our pitch to the panel making them realise our potential. After this selection, we had a support system ready to guide us to the right path and empower us with all the necessary information.

under this prestigious program of the Government of India aiming to empower women-led start-ups, we were connected to a Senior Mentor

with expertise in our industry helping us with incoming obstacles.We were provided with strategic guidance in critical areas such as fundraising, go-to-market strategies, company restructuring, navigating partnerships, negotiation, allocation of capital, people’s management, and brand management which helped us in our journey forward.

This recognition from NITI Aayog and UN India enabled us with cohort-level mentoring workshops and masterclasses focusing on broadening our Entrepreneurial Innovation and Management understanding with knowledge about all the intricacies involved in pitching to investors, scenario planning, making use of new business opportunities, and many more.

All in all, this 3-month long program led us to cohesive refining of our strategy and skills. This recognition by NITI Aayog and UN India has helped us to grow immensely in these past few years resulting in exponential growth in our international clientele including many fortune 500 companies trusting us to search for their future employees and help with their India entry and business advisory needs.

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